There are so many techniques that NLP utilizes, along with a trance state that so greatly amplifies the effect, that it would be impossible to list them all here. Specially as new techniques are being invented and tested all the time and most important, they are being customized to suit perfectly each client.

In the drop-down list you will find a few that changed my life or they are just favored by me as they have been proven to be extremely effective. 

You see, as the brain operates in a very specific way, it is inevitable not to get a profound result! Usually this takes place in one session and rarely it requires a second one, usually when more than one issues are being taken care of and mostly for the practitioner to check the results.

You will not anyhow find detailed instructions on how to perform these techniques as these can be found all over the internet or in books and most of them have even really good videos demonstrating them. My intention is not to educate you on how to actually perform those but to comment on the procedure and why these are effective. My intention, is to educate you about the power the human brain has, your brain has, so you can use it in the most effective way. 

Maybe this is a journey for you that has already started or it starts just now and as you are traveling toward this new destination, you may discover beauties about yourself, virtues that you always had, strengths and even powers that remained restrained, confined, and are now about to be set free.