Hypno-masters & Hypno-monsters

As I was laying to the sunbed, the beach boy asked me, “Are you really a Hypnotist or you were just trolling me?” I told him, yeah, I am… He pulled back with a scared look on his face, I told him, come on, I am not that scary! Not you, he replied, what you are doing! I laughed out loudly, you know, with that sarcastic loud terrifying laugh you get to hear in the horror movies, I explained to him what Hypnosis is, that he has been in hypnosis too many times, that he is the one that retains control, that he cannot be controlled and forced to make things he doesn’t want to, he relaxed, he asked for a session, how much? Continue reading “Hypno-masters & Hypno-monsters”

Hypnotherapy in Santorini

It doesn’t matter if you flew in for a couple of days or even a week or more or you may visit this wonderful island for a few hours with one of the cruzes, as long as you want to make really good use of the chance to have your life transformed within a few minutes and have this transformation connected with the amazing state of being in one of the most beautiful islands of the world then you might even consider the importance of the investment to arrange for a personal session with me! Continue reading “Hypnotherapy in Santorini”