Unconscious or Subconscious?

People I meet and specially clients that get to hear the word often as I speak to their unconscious mind often ask me, “You mention unconscious, I thought it was subconscious…” and every single time I remember the first time I asked myself this question and when John LaValle answered it with two simple words, “Who cares?” actually, since he is from N. Jersey he was a little more expressive than that and then he added, “sub means under, I don’t get it, why should it be under, what does this mean?” and it is true you know, I have been thinking about it, unconscious, subconscious and then the conscious, really, how consciousness could be defined, when I started my little investigation in the web and into the bigger inner web of feelings and emotions mixed with words that may be under or over, it’s not of interest, the answer will just reveal itself when consciousness is defined but then again, this is a rhetorical question more than an actual one that people, normal people that used to be or still are today philosophers and writers and scientists and even spirituals who are wondering about it and looking for an answer and they may have found it already as each one of them has a different answer as people are different and perceive the word in different ways, maybe this is a presupposition for consciousness, they develop a unique, a personal idea about it, they build, one could say, their own concept about what consciousness really is.

Only for a moment and only as an experiment you may imagine your self lying on a bed, lights out, a quite and relaxing night, a very quite night, only a few nightly noises here and there and a dim light from the moon as it slips into the room, then only for a moment close your eyes and as you have your eyes now closed, you can still hear the sounds, you can still feel the chilly night breeze, you can still smell and even taste the moisture in the air, therefore you can still define your existence through the rest of your senses, you know you are, you may not know where you are exactly but you get an idea since the rest of your senses are taking over, then imagine taking the sense of smell out, and the sense of taste as you finally get to feel only touch, tactile, and you can only define your existence from the sense of your body touching the mattress and even the pulsation and the beating of your heart, when you really focus, you might even get a sense of your blood flowing through your veins and I don’t mean the major veins, I mean every single tiny vessel that carries blood from one point to the other better options arise as you know you are being defined by your own existence and therefore you know that you are made of happiness and joy and everlasting curiosity and that you are so self defined and fulfilled and then, just imagine you are not on the mattress but you are floating instead in space so your skin touches nothing and you even don’t get to feel what you normally feel and then you can ask yourself how, what is the way to define yourself if you don’t get any feedback from your senses?

Could that be consciousness and what you just imagined the lack of it? Could it be that humans are truly unique as they can really have control over their consciousness meaning they can choose when to be conscious of their consciousness or when to be unconscious of their consciousness or even conscious of their subconscious?

I can go on about Freud and Pierre Janet and the way they have defined the terms but then again, they used to exist many years ago in a different period surrounded by different people than we are now and the science itself was primitive as it was the exploration of the human mind and even further than that, the exploration of psyche , and that leaves us with the question, is it unconscious or subconscious the mind that we are not aware of and one may even wonder, are we really not aware of this mind because it could be that as we are normally not aware of the blood flowing through our tiniest of veins and when we focus, when we really focus it suddenly is there as it has always been, thus this mind is always there, being sub, under, or over, or pre it doesn’t really matter as long as its existence is being recognized and embraced.

Because there is a very good reason for the unconscious mind to stay hidden from the conscious mind and you know what is the best about hidden things, that they can be found if you look for them, and the more you look the more you find and you get to discover them so as they become unhidden and they reveal and they can only but reveal themselves as they have always been where they now are it is only the way you look at or the way your look for that makes the difference something like the senses are the hardware that runs the code and the programs themselves are created by us, at the beginning from the environment and then as we grow older and become wiser we can create our own programs too that connect our senses to our feelings and the result of this process is being stored forever in that place that you cannot see unless you look for it and some people will say that this can be a frightening experience but what is there to fright one that hasn’t always been there and after all, isn’t that a part of yourself, hasn’t it always been a part of yourself, what could therefore been better than getting to know yourself, every aspect of you, so the hidden will reveal and be seen and as you are human, when you see you understand, and what present to yourself could be greater than understanding yourself and by knowing yourself to make better choices each time, every time, so you get to live life in a better, much better, smarter, much smart way and most importantly in a so much more peaceful way.

Πέτρος Χατζηαναστασίου
NLP Practitioner & Κλινικός Υπνωτιστής

(Νευρογλωσσολόγος θεραπευτής)

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