Trance-form pain into Creativity

Searching for a particular item, I discovered this $10 note which I first ever received from a client! I thought that it would be a good opportunity to share with you this case as an example of how powerful can the hypnosis be and what amazing results can one accomplish only by using the unlimited power of his unconscious mind, even concerning the control of pain, specially about controlling pain!

The client is a female in her early forties who was suffering from abdominal pains due to her menstrual cycle and who asked for my help… Since she was not fond of using medication drugs as pain reliefs her options were a little limited, leaving her in pain for several years…

[First some relaxing, feeling good preparation and the session went something like this…]

It is nice to feel relaxed, you know, and knowing that the pain will very soon end as you get to experience it for the last time, this alone may have even begun making it already to feel it less and less as you are sitting comfortably in the chair and you listen to my voice, you will soon realize that your body is full of sensations that you pay attention to or you may not be aware of, and  you may even be aware that the unconscious mind is responsible for the sensations the body feels and the fact that the unconscious mind doesn’t have to or want to for the conscious mind to participate in this process [pause] being relaxed is usually connected to a good feeling, a really good feeling which could be one of being carefree and joyful, as when you used to be a child, carefree and joyful, as you might know, the most joyful things in life and maybe the most precious of them are really simple things as a smile or a giggle and maybe you can even recall now a memory from your early past in which you were a child, a careless child, in a joyful moment, having a good time and a smile on your face, a big smile, and you know what usually happens with smiles, they tend to expand to even bigger ones, and even make other people around you smile so that they bring up from within emotions of joy and happiness through a creative process as specially children are very creative, as it is not important which goes first and which comes second, the smile or the happiness, as long as the one is there the other is there too, and happiness is contagious too you know and the more happy you are now, the more you feel the need to express this feeling, and the easier way to do this is, what else, to giggle a little, to release this energy as sound, and as you giggle you may discover that this is not enough too and it has to be a laugh, just for no particular reason as children get to laugh all the time with no particular reason as they are carefree and happy and so creative… [pause] maybe it is a good time to wonder whether these feelings are genetically encoded in our DNA so they are transferred from generation to generation or if they are being created each time on demand, because you may know that behavior can be passed on from one generation to another, like being encoded in the genes, so as the unconscious mind has already a database to look up information like the ROM memory of the computers which unlike the RAM memory, do you know really what ROM and RAM stands for, ROM stands for Read Only Memory, the part that information is hard encoded and can be accessed at will while RAM stands for Rapid Access Memory which can be also accessed and altered, and so maybe, according to scientists behavior can be accessed too you know, and one behavior that may have been hard encoded and used to be beneficial in the past, it may not be of such a use today, for example, the period of a woman which is an amazing action by itself as the old ovum is being replaced with a fresh one so that the miracle of life can happen, the period could symbolize the rebirth, another chance, another opportunity for development and growth as in the past women used to do all the house jobs and even more than that, they had to clean the house, to paint with white asbestos the pavements and the trees, they of course had to cook and wash the clothes and they even had to take the animals out to feed themselves or even feed them themselves,  or to milk them or to go in the fields and do all this hard work of agriculture, under the hot Summer Sun or under the heavy rain of the Winter, so in order for this miracle to be performed, the unconscious mind had to sent a signal to the body to reserve energy so it could use this energy to replace the old ovum with a fresh one and as this takes place though the menstrual cycle and the body is using blood flow for this process, it was clever enough, the body is really smart you know, to make this signal be a pain, an abdominal pain so the woman would refrain from doing all this hard work and by staying at home and by stopping spending her energy to exterior tasks she would use this energy now for the interior process of rebirth [pause] today women do not have to do all these hard tasks you know, you don’t have to do it, you don’t have to wake up early in the morning to go to the fields and then take care of the animals as you get to have the food and the house and the laundry ready for your husband to return and all these without the help of machines that are available today, today your life is so much easier than the life of your ancestors and the energy you conserve by not having to do all these exhausting things they had to do is so much greater that your body doesn’t really have to send you a signal in the form of pain to stop as you don’t have to stop and what used to be of great value and benefit in the past, today, now, is not needed and since this period is a rebirth period, you may also make use of it now as it becomes a creativity period as you focus your energy internally for this creating process of the new ovum to take place and you are now in this creativity mood anyway, you can use this period, once per month and for the five days it lasts to be a very special period of amazing creativity during which great ideas will be born as old ones are being replaced by new ones, better ones, smarter ones, and you may even want to carry around with you a small notebook so you get the chance to note down these ideas as they appear to you as they will just pop to you only as a result of the fact that a great process has been started which now has a whole new meaning for you. [pause] And even if you think there is no particular reason for it as you were listening to me very carefully and being fully aware of exactly what was going on around you and also inside you, I will anyhow count you up from this state that could be trance, only to assist you into becoming aware of the environment and give to your body and mind the time they need to adapt from this amazing state of relaxation into the one of full awareness, one, you start to realize that all needed to be done has been done, two, you are becoming aware of the sensation of your body, and you may even, three, move slightly your hands and feet as, four, you keep this amazing feeling of carefree and joy and creativity and you are fully becoming aware of your surroundings as you five you open your eyes being fully aware and awake!”

The client was feeling excited and she told me that what she was expecting was only to be relieved from the pain, instead she got so much more than that, being so excited that she didn’t even mention the issue of the pain. Before leaving I asked her if she can feel that pain, she said “No!” and from what I am aware of, she never got this pain back during her menstrual cycle, instead, she is looking forward to it as she knows this is the most creative period of the month where great ideas are being born inside her!

So, now that you have read for yourself a transcript from a simple and short hypnotic session, you may say to yourself, well, that’s easy, and you will be right you know, as hypnotism is a natural process, a natural and very powerful process which can trance-form your life too!

And as the metal to be well formed it has to be accessed from several angles, so the message, the suggestion, to be as effective as possible has to be offered from different angles therefore the memory of the child was not randomly chosen neither the word carefree as children do not have their menstrual cycle initiated until later age which also assisted into the idea of being carefree and therefore pain relieved while the idea of children being creative primed her for accepting the later suggestion…

Words are so powerful when spoken properly and in the right order as the mind operates in very precise ways, ways that you can access too with a help of a specialist until you will be able to do this by yourself, anytime, at will!

Πέτρος Χατζηαναστασίου
NLP Practitioner & Κλινικός Υπνωτιστής

(Νευρογλωσσολόγος θεραπευτής)

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