Hypno-masters & Hypno-monsters

As I was laying to the sunbed, the beach boy asked me, “Are you really a Hypnotist or you were just trolling me?” I told him, yeah, I am… He pulled back with a scared look on his face, I told him, come on, I am not that scary! Not you, he replied, what you are doing! I laughed out loudly, you know, with that sarcastic loud terrifying laugh you get to hear in the horror movies, I explained to him what Hypnosis is, that he has been in hypnosis too many times, that he is the one that retains control, that he cannot be controlled and forced to make things he doesn’t want to, he relaxed, he asked for a session, how much?, just a coffee, sounds like a good deal he said, yes, until I get hold of your soul, really?, not really, just kidding, he laughed, that’s a good start, isn’t it?

He then wondered, there are so many things going on around me, things that I have no control over but they affect me, like a chain reaction, can we do something about it? Not really, but since you have no control over those things, you may as well have control over how these things make you feel inside, as you know, you have the exclusivity into creating what you feel, it is your choice only as you get to decide and if things out of your control happen anyway, you may as well be in a good, a very good state as they happen, so as they don’t get to influence the way you feel…

I can’t change the world, you know, I have tried but I am not good into doing so, I can anyhow, change the way you perceive the world, I am good into this, you know, and you might even start to realize that there is no actual need to change the world around you as it is sufficient to change the way you interact with this world, in a most efficient way, and this amazing thing happens, when you change perspective, the whole world, although it is the same, it looks different as it becomes a better place to live in, with more happiness and opportunities to feel good about being part of it, really good!

Πέτρος Χατζηαναστασίου
NLP Practitioner & Κλινικός Υπνωτιστής

(Νευρογλωσσολόγος θεραπευτής)

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