Meditation vs Hypnosis

For first timer clients from India or Asia, who are commonly familiar with meditation, it is very simple to explain what hypnosis is, how it feels to be in hypnosis, as the trance state you experience is the same whether it has been initiated from meditation or by the guidance from a hypnotist. Actually, a guided meditation, is very much like a hypnotic session, there is though, a conciderable difference between these two procedures.

While in a trance state during meditation, there is an unspecified outcome and therefore no specific instructions or guidelines to be given or followed for the desired result to be achieved. The mind naturally silence as a result of the trance state, the sensention of the body changes too, and the unconscious mind is left alone to float and wonder and experience new feelings that either wise would pass by unnoticed. Even during a guided meditation, the outcome is usually very unspecific too and tends to utilize the full potential of that state just for enhancing the experience of relaxation, something that can easily be expanded to a Universal Unity, Truth, Enlightment and more.

Being in a trance under the supervision of a hypnotist, anyhow, never does leave you alone, as you know, the hypnotist goes first, with specific procedure, understanding of the case and directions that will focus the full potential of your unlimited power towards your desired goal.

Imagine for a moment the difference between feeling united with the Cosmic Force and just letting yourself embrace this feeling (meditation) and actually BE that Cosmic Force while you are taking all the necessary actions to achieve whatever you want to achieve (hypnotism).

Holding in your hands the keys to Enlightment can be an amazing feeling, using them is what opens the gateways to Change!

Πέτρος Χατζηαναστασίου
NLP Practitioner & Κλινικός Υπνωτιστής

(Νευρογλωσσολόγος θεραπευτής)

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