Hypnotherapy in Santorini

It doesn’t matter if you flew in for a couple of days or even a week or more or you may visit this wonderful island for a few hours with one of the cruzes, as long as you want to make really good use of the chance to have your life transformed within a few minutes and have this transformation connected with the amazing state of being in one of the most beautiful islands of the world then you might even consider the importance of the investment to arrange for a personal session with me!

Because, as many people already know, all the resources one needs are already within and as the Volcano sits quietly so these Resources await for a skillful practitioner to set them free, to make them rise so as they become the very best of the reality you choose to live in. States like happiness, determination and relaxation doesn’t have to be the exceptions, they can actually be parts of your life, they can even be your life, as what is most profound than living a life fulfilled, a life full of joy, a life with a clear purpose and the actions needed to be taken towards it actually be taken?

It may sound miraculous, it is a fact though that the human brain operates on a certain way, a process that Neuro Linguistic Programing has monitored and noted as such the NLP to become a process that can run the process of the brain that creates images and these images create feelings and these feelings control your physiology.

It is also a fact that the conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg, even less than that, with its ability to process 7  bits of information / sec that may expand to 9 when something is interesting or just feels good, or it may contract to five while the other mind, the unconscious mind, is able to process 12 Million bits of information / sec as it is the one that gathers information, files it, and supply it to the limited conscious mind.

By accessing directly the unconscious mind, one can literally access his enormous database of information, he can access the programs that are running as a background task, programs that may used to be useful once but could be not any more. Phobias are like this as well as compulsive behavior, even states that people call depression or anxiety, there are nothing more than background processes left to be run alone, and as is the case with unwanted processes that run in a pc, they consume the processing power so other jobs cannot be done or the pc just struggles to cope.

As my teacher, Dr. Richard Bandler uses to say, there are no stupid people, only people who make stupid choices. It is up to the hands of a skilled practitioner to reveal these best choices to you so you will become happier by taking them and that’s seems like a smart choice indeed!

Πέτρος Χατζηαναστασίου
NLP Practitioner & Κλινικός Υπνωτιστής

(Νευρογλωσσολόγος θεραπευτής)

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